Laura Noxon

Filmmaker | Artist | Penguin

Photo courtesy of Erich Sayers, wearing Bubbles and Frown.


Laura is a film and television writer/producer hailing from Toronto and currently living her best life under the Los Angeles sun. With a MFA in Producing from the American Film Institute under her belt, she’s bestowed her creative spirit upon a plethora of colorful short films, a female-focused doc series FACETS, and several weird features in development with writer/director Yoko Okumura. She puts her exceptional appreciation of grammar to use as a Script Coordinator for television shows such as Sharp Objects (HBO), Raising Dion (Netflix), and Wild Cards (Hulu).  

In her "free time" Laura fire dances and attempts to master the sewing machine that continues to mystify her. She has a fondness for penguins, camping, and hugs that last uncomfortably long. When she grows up she wants to be a professional home organizer. 

Set still from AFI thesis film "Kimi Kabuki" courtesy of Victor Cutris

Background Image from "Kimi Kabuki" set stills courtesy of Victor Curtis