Laura Noxon

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A documentary web series showcasing women in Los Angeles who have carved unique life paths. View the complete series at: or through the gallery below. 

Created by Yoko Okumura and Laura Noxon

Released March 8, 2016

"Kimi Kabuki" AFI Thesis Film

Madeline, a devoted house wife discovers her husband is attending an Adult Industry Expo behind her back. Resolving to confront him about his deceit, she follows him to the convention. When Madeline's plans for a sincere conversation go terribly awry, it leads her to find solace in the last place she could have expected.

Writer/Director: Yoko Okumura

Producer: Laura Noxon


Spoken word poetry film through the eyes of a porn star about the diminishing effects of fetishization.

Writer/Director: Yoko Okumura

Producer: Laura Noxon

Background Image from "Kimi Kabuki" set stills courtesy of Victor Curtis